Building Facade with emissive lights.

Various options to control building look.

Known Issues:
ShuttersAmount Parameter, see below and picture to the left.

And there is some weirdness that happens when you generate a seed other than zero regarding the window-panels. You may like it, it adds variety, but if you don't, find the two Brick Generators in the .sbs and set everything in the Slope parameter to 0(zero).

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almost 7 years ago

This is really cool :) I can really make good use of this material for some building LODs !

almost 7 years ago

Hey, this is the author. Just wanted to let people know that several of options on this substance are broken, they are:
Horizontal Trim Mask
Vertical Trim Mask

The first two have no effect and I meant to delete them.
The third can be easily fixed if you want blinds on your windows (it was misnamed. Sorry).
To do so, make these changes in the sbs graph:

1: Go straight down to the to the bottom of the graph.
Find the node Histogram Scan that is receiving input from a Tile Generator generating various gradients. Directly below it are three Blend nodes. Drag the output of the Histogram Scan node into the input of the first and leftmost Blend Node.
2: Go to the last and rightmost of the 3 Blend nodes. Delete the connection going into its Opacity pin.
3: (optional) Change the Blend node's parameter "Blending Mode" to Subtract (or Copy for opaque blinds).
4: (optional) Use the Clean tool found in the Tools button on the Graph View's toolbar to delete unnecessary nodes.
Window blinds should now be fully operational and controllable through the "ShuttersAmount" slider, enjoy!

almost 7 years ago

IMPORTANT: A correction to the a mistake in the previous steps!

in step one, connect the histogram scan's output pin to Blend node's opacity pin, not the input pin.

almost 7 years ago

To whomever was in charge of re-arranging everyone's sbs files: I am so sorry! The internet was down at my place, I typed up my last two comments on my phone, not knowing ya'll had rearranged the placement of the nodes.

You went through the hard work of rearranging a mess of a sbs chart only to have ignorant me blunder in like a baffoon, forcing you to erase all your work ...I feel terrible, so again, I apologize!

almost 7 years ago


almost 7 years ago

oh.. maybe add a readme.txt ?

over 6 years ago

Man I tried to use inside 3dsmax... but it dont works...
there's a way to run the NiteLife.sbsar... but how?
Have you updated the issues?

over 6 years ago

This is really impressive! It took me a lot of tinkering to get the graph organized enough so that I could see how it worked, but it was worth the effort. I love the amount of detail in this. Shutters (blinds) were actually really easy to fix once I saw how things should be working, and now that it's organized it's easy to make any changes, if I'm inclined to do so. The part that makes this whole thing work, in my opinion, is the brilliant way the interiors of the rooms are generated. It's amazing how random shapes and the right colors can trick us into imagining details that aren't actually there.
And it's doubly impressive to me that you were able to build something as complex as this with a graph as messy as that one was.

over 6 years ago

Thank you so much for creating this amazing sbsar !!!
Love it.

almost 6 years ago

Hoping this still gets seen, and I might be being a complete idiot, but for some reason when I use this, none of the windows "light up" no matter how much I mess with the slider in Substance Painter? Am I doing something wrong or has it since broken?

over 5 years ago

This is absolutely brilliant!

almost 5 years ago

Thank you!

over 4 years ago

like it

over 4 years ago

Can it be used in commercial projects?

over 2 years ago

very well brah, amazing