Recently one of my students here in Japan caught me starring at the floor. This prompted me to take my awe and amazement of lamented wood tiles to the test in Substance Designer!

I learned a lot from the fabulous entries put forward into the Procedural Material Contest a few months back. Many of the very talented substance community graciously shared the expertise. This meager texture wouldn't have been possible without this community.

I tried to hone in on what a wanted to do specifically for this texture. I think my previous mistakes have been trying to do too much in one texture, so focusing in on a specific pattern, in this case Basket Weave, really helped me concentrate on the finer details.

As such I'm certain I could refine this even more with more experience under my belt, and I look forward to going at wood tiles again as it was a ton of fun to create. There aren't many exposed parameters, but the few options I included allow for some decent customization.

Uploaded: over 6 years ago
Updated: over 6 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: Laminated_BasketWeave_Wood_...
Size: 117 KB


over 6 years ago

that is one sexy texture

about 6 years ago

Gorgeous! The variations are so realistic, it's beautiful!

about 6 years ago

this is spot on. We have tiles like this on our balcony, and they look almost identical.

over 4 years ago

Mr Conradsly, this is an excellent job. I've been working as a professional 3d artist for 15 years, and this attention to detail, my friend, is what pushes the industry forward. cheers.

over 4 years ago

kisses man

over 3 years ago

like it

4 months ago

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