In this course, we take a look at creating PBR textures using Substance Designer and Substance Painter. The course is also applicable to Unreal Engine 4.

Support thread:

Project Files:
*only the substance material is hosted on Share. Please use these links for the entire tutorial project files.

Substance Painter files

Chapter One: PBR and Substance fundamentals

1.Understanding PBR - 48:10
2.Working with PBR in Unity - 16:07
3.Using Substance in Unity - 13:41
4.Optimization tips for Substance materials - 14:40

Chapter Two: Creating a tileable environment material in Substance Designer

1.Creating rock shapes - 35:16
2.Creating the rock material part one - 22:23
3.Creating the rock material part two - 33:00
4.Creating the dirt ground material - 32:25
5.Creating rocky ground material part one - 22:51
6.Creating rocky ground material part two - 18:00
7.Publishing the Substance - 6:06

Chapter Three: Creating the rock/ground models

1.Creating the blocking scene in Unity - 12:23
2.Creating the ground - 15:13
3.Creating the rocks - 18:45

Chapter Four: Creating PBR textures for a character in Substance Painter

1.Using Substance Painter to create PBR textures
2.Using materials from Substance Designer and Substance Share
3.Exporting textures from Substance Painter

Chapter Five: Creating a scene in Unity

1.Creating a scene in Unity part one - 16:15
2.Creating a scene in Unity part two - 13:28

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over 6 years ago

Hi Wes, thanks for the awesome tutorials. The shortened links above are reporting back as violatiing googles service terms and have been disabled.

over 6 years ago

@boardertron I'm sorry about the link : ) I updated the links and now they are working. Thanks for reporting the issue.

over 6 years ago

Perfect, thanks again!
These tutorials are really really useful, ive picked up many tips that you can only get from working on something substantial.

over 6 years ago

Great stuff!

over 6 years ago

perfect, thanks , they are really useful

over 6 years ago

Hello the project link is unable ~ would you mind update your link~

over 6 years ago

Project file links have been fixed : )

about 6 years ago

I wonder why this is still under the "Brushes" category...

almost 6 years ago

Why I got many errors when I published to sbsar, like this:
Can't find subgraph input:
wrn: Input identifier: Input_9
wrn: Subgraph Url: pkg://moss_weathering?dependency=1222628018
wrn: From Graph: pkg://Stones?dependency=1262229461

Designer Version: 5.4.0, Platform: Windows

almost 6 years ago

I got it fixed by deleting an isolate node in the graph, you can find the node by checking Denpendicies, there is a warning for this node, likely some third-party library missing from the store.

almost 6 years ago

:( The project link is disabled. would you mind update you link?

over 5 years ago

how to download this tutorial

over 3 years ago

Como puedo ver los tutoriales, no veo ningún enlace

8 months ago

Super cool guide for Unity 5. Thanks!

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7 months ago

Very cool. Love this kinda stuff!

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5 months ago

great job, but i was trying to code this skin with a tutorial from a great coding website but it didn't work at first, im messaging you for more infor to help

4 months ago

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