The packaged splatter tools in Substance Designer are great. The grid-based regular splatter, the circular based Circular Splatter, and the various randomizing tile tools are vital and irreplaceable tools. Now and then, though, I find myself wanting to simply splatter my shape or shapes across the screen at random, and finding and adjusting the necessary sliders seems like more work than is necessary.

I built EZSplatter as a shortcut, for when I need the simplest of splattering tools and only basic control. With this tool, I can drop it into my project and have only a small selection of adjustable parameters to change in order to get the effect I want.

I also set up a quick feature to allow for multiple input shapes. plug in as many as eight variations of your single shapes and EZSplatter chooses one at random as it splatters. One day maybe I'll figure out a way to have it automatically detect these inputs, but for now you can chose the number of inputs using, yes, a slider. I think it's worth the extra UI space, though.

I hope it's useful to someone.

Edit: Updated with the addition of blend mode and filtering mode advanced options, as Bruno requested.

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over 6 years ago

This is great! All it needs for me is a switch between Add/Sub and Max blending modes :)

over 6 years ago

Also, would be neat to be able to switch between nearest and bilinear filtering!

over 6 years ago

This has quickly become a staple for nearly every substance I've worked on.

almost 5 years ago

Great stuff, very useful, thanks man!

over 4 years ago

This is awesome! I can see myself using this pretty frequently.

7 months ago

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