This shader supports transparent materials while preserving reflections. This is a modified version of the metal-rough-with-alpha-blending shader. As such an opacity channel is required in the project. Opacity drives the intensity of the effect. The luminance of the pixel to be rendered determines what's transparent versus what isn't.

Your best bet is to set your base color to black or near black. This shader fakes transparent reflections and as such I wouldn't consider it PBR, but it's good enough for preview purposes. This does not simulate refraction.

Uploaded: about 6 years ago
Updated: over 4 years ago
Version: 1
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over 5 years ago

Why is this in with the brushes??

about 5 years ago


almost 5 years ago

Amazing, works like a charm! Thank you.

almost 4 years ago

Hello, could this be updated for the newest version of substance? I can't seem to get it to work in the newest patch. Thanks so much for making this!

over 3 years ago

A new version of this for 2018 can be found by searching for "Glass 2018"

6 months ago

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