Herringbone Pattern Generator Version 1.1 - created in Substance Designer 5.4.0.

This Herringbone was created by myself and Josh Lynch who created a tutorial on how to make this Herringbone pattern. My contribution to this was adding some math and editing some functions to stop any tiling issues.

You can watch Josh's tutorial on Gumroad via this link - https://gum.co/ZUJoF

If you have any issues or would like to send feedback on the pattern itself then drop me an email @ kylehorwood@gmail.com

-Slope gradient added
-Random Rotation (On and Off)
-Random Rotation (Float amount)
Current Issues:
-True and False boolean label for the normal format is currently not displaying correctly, working with the Allegorithmic guys to find out the issue.

Uploaded: about 6 years ago
Updated: almost 6 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: KH_Herringbone_Pattern.zip
Size: 7.17 KB


about 6 years ago

That looks great!

about 6 years ago

Nice. Especially for my laziness

about 6 years ago

Is there a way to thin up the grout lines? I'd like to use it as a wood floor pattern but the grout is too wide.

about 6 years ago

@acealmighty13 - I'm planning on bringing out an update soon with the option to have random height and such. Is it the size you're trying to change? If you're finding that it is clamped then that too is gone on the update version coming soon :) if it's something else drop me an email at kylehorwood@gmail.com and we can talk about what you need.

over 2 years ago

Very Nice

over 2 years ago

Is it possible to make a double herringbone? Basically to split each tile in half, the long way.

16 days ago

I think using this as a background on my Mehndi Designs will bring me more fans. Thank you for such a cool design, in fact!
Is there a software to customize this design or I just have to use this preset only?

6 months ago

Ohh yes, I have a mod apk to find this pattern for free.