Viewing height maps in the 3D window

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over 5 years ago


Sorry for this question... perhaps I'm missing something, but what's the purposue of this, if we already can view the eight in the viewport?

over 5 years ago

Hello, yes, you are right.

But this serves to quickly view when you do several heightmap creation.
This allows you to see all the possibilities without using every time the Heightmap output.
At the same time you can start working on the occlusion.

There is a video that explains this is here:

Have I answered your question?

Make good use, thank you.

over 5 years ago

Great! Thanks for the explanation. I'll give it a try next time I work in a substance, and i'll let you know.

over 5 years ago

Hello. I can see heightmap in my 3d view only when my shader is tesellation but then all colors are grey, when I switch to another shader (metallic, roughness) colors are good but then I cant see heightmap. I use version 5.0.3, I tried everything and you are my last hope(this elevation viewer also dont work for me). Pls help me. Tnx

over 5 years ago

The viewer works with only metallic_roughness shader (3D View/Materials). The viewer is only for view your heighmap when you fabric this.

See video :, for use this.

I don't understand the switching. I hope to help you !

Best regards :)