Shift an heightmap.
- The result can be clamped.
- You can "compress" the heightmap to avoid clamping.
- By default you can only shift between [0,1], no clamping, no compression.

This version has options that the first didn't have.
- Security to avoid clamping.
- Compress heightmap instead of clamping it.

If you use it with option "clamping", the node is as fast as the previous version.
The option "no clamp" is slower.
The option "compression" is the lowest.

This node can replace other nodes I made:
- To the ceiling -
- To the ground -
But as it's time consuming, those nodes might be preferred. Your choice.

Update: Obviously I made a remake of Allegorithmic nodes (I've just discovered that), "Histogram Range", "Histogram Scan" and "Histogram Shift", but with a slightly difference in behavior and securities when you want to use my node inside other nodes. Your choice.

Important update 25/09/2016: Now you can use this node is highest resolution without crashing/freezing, due to a huge improvement of some dependencies. And much faster, like 200x faster with 2K heightmaps.

Uploaded: about 6 years ago
Updated: almost 6 years ago
Version: 3
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about 6 years ago

The sbs file is missing some dependencies.

about 6 years ago

Done. I used the good option this time... ^^ Sorry about that.

9 months ago

I think the idea of map compression is quite interesting, and stick merge is a new idea.

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