Create a grayscale image with the highest pixel of grayscale input.

I must thank Vincent Gault here, his tutorial about "Shape to Height" ( gave me the the idea on how to find and keep as a variable the highest point of an heightmap. Thanks again.

This filter is just a tool, that allows you to find the highest point of an heightmap, and to keep/use this information for other nodes that need it. Example : (Stack_auto).

For the lowest point, you can use

Very important update 25/09/16: Now the node doesn't freeze/crash your computer in highest resolutions like 8k. The heightmap is now decimated until a small size, without loosing information of the highest pixels.
Downside is that in very small resolutions (like 32x32) the method doesn't work well, and I had to put a parameter for which method you want. But, when you use this node inside your own nodes, you can automate it (see the pictures). Thanks @gudz.evgeniy for pushing me to find something better.
I tested it a lot, but if something's wrong, don't hesitate to ask.

By the way, the gain with a 2K heightmap is around 200x faster...

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