Rotates the direction of the normal vectors of a normal map. (Doesn't rotate the normal map itself)

New version now supports the specification of a rotation map.

Uploaded: almost 6 years ago
Updated: almost 6 years ago
Version: 3
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almost 6 years ago

It's blocked at 512x512 :-(.

almost 6 years ago

should be fixed now

almost 6 years ago


almost 6 years ago

Are you able to create a node : rotate a normal map via world space normal map?

almost 6 years ago

how would that work? i'm not quite sure if that would be usefull at all

almost 6 years ago

If there was a way to find out how to rotate the normal values when a normal map is reprojected using a tri-planar node, that would be awesome. Probably would need something along the lines of a baked UV orientation map though.

almost 6 years ago

the coming version will allow using a grayscale rotation map for a non uniform vector rotation

over 5 years ago

Hi, thank you so much for this!
Would you be able to update it to work it 16 bit? I tried changing the output format to absolute to 16bit, but it dose not update the node unfortunately. Thanks !

over 4 years ago

Thanks! this is really good when you need to quickly invert normal maps :D ...pretty useful!

over 3 years ago

Thank you so much for making this. This is a real life saver! :-)

almost 2 years ago