Overlap the edges of 2 mixed heightmaps, and try to avoid too sharp edges between them.

The second heightmap is optional, you can add the effect only with the first.

You can use this node as a "dust provider", for example you have an heightmap made with rocks, and you want to add some dust around their base.

The node as few parameters to control the effect:
- Its strength.
- its shape (with limitations)
- add an heightmap on it (like dust, sand...)
- try to blend heightmap a on heightmap b by patterns, binary or not, and use them as heightmaps for blending, with parameters for strength, relative height...

I am aware that the node is not perfect (especially with optional patterns), but I don't have much time to test it extensively. Don't hesitate to give feedback.

Important update 25/09/2016: Now you can use this node is highest resolution without crashing/freezing, due to a huge improvement of some dependencies. And much faster, like 200x faster with 2K heightmaps.

Uploaded: almost 6 years ago
Updated: almost 6 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: Masking_Edge-250916.zip
Size: 154 KB


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