Segments the input image and randomizes the rotation of each segment.

Useful for making natural looking tile floor textures, such as marble.

I made this as a helper node for when the regular directional warp method isn't enough, as this only shifts the textures but will result in all grains going the same way.

It takes a randomized Luminance Input(From a regular TIle Generator or similar) and X/Y integers identical to your Tile Generator.

See preview pictures for an example.

Tiling X/Y - This should be identical to your tile generator.
Incremental Rotation - Rotates each tile incrementally, based on Luminance input.
Randomize Rotation - Toggles whether or not to rotate all tiles randomly.
Randomize Rotation Direction - Toggles whether or not to randomly choose between CW and CCW rotations for each individual tile.(Useful to disable for Incremental Rotation)
Individual Offset - Offsets all tiles along their local axis.
Individual Offset Random - Offsets each tile a random amount along their local axis.
Global Offset - Offsets all tiles along the global axis.
Global Offset Random - Offsets each tile a random amount along the global axis.
Scale - Scale all tiles on their local axis.
Scale Random - Scale each tile a random amount on their local axis.

There are also separate seed settings for each random function.

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almost 6 years ago

Just droped by to say that it's simple and effective and absolutelly brilliant! The simple tiles images there, don't reveal all that it's capable of. Thanks for sharing!

almost 6 years ago

Hi nyronic,

I downloaded your graph though i have two seperate graph, please advise how to use.

over 5 years ago

Thank you for sharing!

almost 4 years ago

Quick question for you nyronic!
When I run a normal map through it it seems to invert or mess up some of the squares.
Image example here:
Any ideas on how to fix this?

over 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing! It's a big help to randomize!

about 3 years ago

It's the poor effect!

about 2 years ago

This might work well for basic tiles, but it's not seamless with more complex shapes.