This plugin exports the emissive channel of the selected Texture Set. Files will not be overwritten and an incremental number is added to each file.

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over 5 years ago

wwawoo thanks for you work!

over 5 years ago

...umm this functionality already exists in SP =/

over 5 years ago

Yes, but you will have to export all channels as you can't export just one channel. Then you have to copy paste your texture somewhere else to prevent it from being overwritten. You can make a custom preset and select that preset every time you export, but then you still have the overwrite issue. Pressing a script button is just so much easier if you have to export many button states on many different objects. The script won't overwrite any files and only exports the emissive channel. So yes, the functionality already exists in SP, but not the easy workflow.

about 5 years ago

fix up kiddo XD

about 5 years ago


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