A Substance utility for merging up to 5 texture sets exported from Substance Painter. The source SBS file is included so that you can extend to support additional texture sets.

The linked video shows how this substance was created. The purpose was to create a workaround for merging texture sets until Substance Painter officially supports the feature.

Number of texture sets: Defaults to 2. You can merge up to 5 texture sets in this version.

Unity Standard Shader Output: Switching this to YES will invert roughness to create smoothness and pack it into the alpha of the metallic. You will get an RGBA output that can be used with the Unity Standard Shader.

Uploaded: almost 6 years ago
Updated: almost 6 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: merge_textureset.zip
Size: 10 KB


almost 6 years ago

Thanks, Wes! I'll give it a try soon. And thanks also for the transparency-layer advice for substance painter!

over 5 years ago

Damn excellent. Thanks a lot for the time you took to set up nodes to automate the process.

almost 5 years ago

this is fantastic! I frquently deal with objects with more than five elements, I wonder is it possible to find/create a version of this that could support up to 10 maps? Maybe there is a limitation for a reason, I'm just not aware. Thanks so much for posting this!

over 4 years ago

Does not work in Player?

almost 4 years ago

Omg!! Where have you been all my life!!

almost 2 years ago

Does anybody knows why I can't see the video tutorial..thanks???

almost 2 years ago

This doesnt work

about 1 year ago

Is there another way to view the tutorial ?