Blends Mesh Data maps that can be either baked or generated in Substance Designer. This is ideal for blending together surface materials and baked mesh data together to be used later with mask generator effects that use them.

This node also has the ability to allow passthrough of only background maps if no foreground maps are available to be supplied to the node so they come through with no issues. By default, Position (RGB) and World Space Normals are enabled for passthrough.

This node supports the following channels: Ambient Occlusion, Curvature, Height, Position, Thickness, Normal, ColorID, World Space Direction, and World Space Normals.

This node also comes with the ability to combine a Normal Map with a World Space Normals map. It also makes use of a custom node called Height Combine which allows for seamless combination of Curvature and Height maps.

It's recommended that you use the Mesh Data Combiner node with this one, hence it's similar name, as it's been setup to allow intuitive use of the Material/Compact Material mode for quick and easy connection of multiple maps.

V2 Note: Added support for a greyscale mask and global opacity slider to control blending.

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Updated: almost 4 years ago
Version: 2
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almost 6 years ago

Will this work with SP ?

almost 6 years ago

@TedBoyadzhiev This node was made work well mainly with Substance Designer and not Substance Painter unfortunately. :(
As far as I'm aware, substance filters can't affect things across channels, masks, and additional slots simultaneously anyhow in Substance Painter 2 at the moment to make that easy to do without having export & reimport maps.

You can try to get it working if you want but I can't guarantee it working well.

over 5 years ago

What I was looking for, however I see a glaring omission. It lacks an input for a grayscale mask like the built in substance designer material blender. As so if your not blending versus combining different bakes into one.

over 5 years ago

@oXYnary1 I actually put that in just recently funny enough as well as created a seperate node for doing a copy blend instead of a combine. I should probably submit those now that you bring that up when I get some free time.