---Substance Designer only---

A little utility, that can break up a continuous pattern. This effect is usefull whenever you create a material that consists of tiles and you want the noises that adds detail to the surface to not continue across multiple tiles to make it look like the tiles were made from independent rocks and not cut from the same piece of rock.

- Works on any tiling amount and ratio.
- Preserves tile size and grid placement.
- Fast to compute, adds basicly no compiling duration to your material.
- Contains comments explaining every step and a demonstration Graph.
- Can be used for anything that consists of tiles.

How to use:

1. Connect the pattern/noise that you want to fragment to the "pattern input"

2. Connect two iterations of the tile system you use to the two offset inputs. Make sure that they have a lot of greyscale variation from tile to tile and no greyscale variation within a tile or at the edges or corners of the tile. It would be best if they had no interstice between the tiles. You can create two distinct instances by using the "Random Seed" slider on each of the two nodes.

3. Set the parameters of the CellFragmentator node to the same values as the tiling parameters of the two offset inputs. It would be smart to link all 6 values to a x and y parameter in your main graph.

If you have any problems look at the CellFragmentatorDemo Graph or ask me a question here.

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over 5 years ago

Hurray! Another usefull node to my collection ;)

over 5 years ago

Very cool node and very easy to use. Thanks for this!

about 2 months ago

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about 2 months ago

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