Smooth Rusty Metal Robot

Jeremie Noguer

Smart MaterialsMetal

Smooth metal with diffuse rusty color.

Uploaded: almost 7 years ago
Updated: over 6 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: Smooth_Rusty_Metal_Robot.spsm
Size: 985 KB


almost 7 years ago

Nice, not sure on how to import the material, there is no menu option?

almost 7 years ago

Okay, drag into the Shelf with smart materials, nice, but would be good to have a right click and import function :)

almost 7 years ago

Yep, the import function is on our to-do list.

almost 7 years ago

The link doesn't work, it just displays a white page with lots of weird characters

almost 7 years ago

Try to right click on the download button and choose Save As.

almost 7 years ago

Thank you for your answer but it doesn't work sadly, it just saves a htlm file.
Any thoughts?

almost 7 years ago

Any solutions?

over 5 years ago

3Q very much

about 5 years ago

Thank you

almost 5 years ago


over 3 years ago

thank you.

over 3 years ago

Thanks for the smart material

over 3 years ago

thanks bro

almost 2 years ago


5 months ago

Great site thanks admin. More power.
abrasive blasting

5 months ago

Great site thanks admin. More power.

5 months ago

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4 months ago

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