Autosave plugin, tested with Substance Painter 2017.2. Windows only.

Saves current file and makes a numbered back-up copy (filename_autosave_1/2/3.spp) in the same folder. Cycles through several numbered backups.

Uses custom autosave_manager.exe utility (source code in src/autosave_manager.c) to quickly copy the files. If Allegorithmic ever adds a proper copy method into their JS API, this utility can be removed.

Autosave delay and number of backups can be configured via Plugins -> autosave_tl -> configure.

Installation: Unzip the file anywhere and run "install" (install.cmd). It will copy all the required files into your Substance Painter 2 plugins folder and write the configuration into plugin's settings.ini file.

Uploaded: about 5 years ago
Updated: over 4 years ago
Version: 2
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about 5 years ago

Thank you very much!

about 5 years ago

I'm getting a virus warning for the exe in this package - saying it found the trojan "TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen8".
Might be a false positive... could you doublecheck that? Autosave would surely be a handy feature.

about 5 years ago

All the files in here are reviewed by moderators before being published. The source code for exe file is in src/ folder, and I'm fairly sure they reviewed it as well.

You can always check in with to get any suspicious file analyzed by dozens of antivirus programs. I'd say that unless something with established reputation, like KAV, NOD32, BitDefender, DrWeb raises alarm, it's more likely to be false positive.

You can also re-compile this small utility yourself using src/compile_manager.cmd script and VC++ Build Tools - - or ask someone who can examine and compile the code.

almost 5 years ago

tlaik: Thanks for the reply. If I use the tool, then four programs find the trojan. Including Avira, which is considered one of the best consumer scanners.

almost 5 years ago

Thanks for the heads-up. Would you mind testing a fix for install script on your end? Approval for update might take over a week on Substance Share.
Just replace old file from the install archive with the new one. It'll read custom documents folder path from windows registry now.

almost 5 years ago

I've written about the issue to several AV vendors' false positive report channels. Avira seems to have already removed it from blacklist, Ikarus should clear it up soon. Few others are harder to reach, especially TrendMicro-HouseCall, which seemingly only allows to send such reports from inside their installed application.

almost 5 years ago

For anyone that is having trouble with the installer like me. My issue was My Documents folder location is abnormal. Right click the install.cmd and click edit then edit the 3rd line:

SET "AS_INSTALL_DIR=%USERPROFILE%/My Documents/Substance Painter 2/plugins/autosave_tl"

SET "AS_INSTALL_DIR=C:/Users/[Username]/OneDrive/Documents/Substance Painter 2/plugins/autosave_tl"

The best way to figure out what this should be changed to go in Painter and go to Plugins -> Plugsin folder and copy that location after SET "AS_INSTALL_DIR=

almost 5 years ago

Thank you! Plugin is great!

almost 5 years ago

Not sure which Painter version you're using, but there shouldn't have been any breaking changes between latest versions. Try for yourself.

almost 5 years ago

does it still work?

over 4 years ago

Updated for Substance Painter 2017.2.0

Unfortunatelly, even the previous update has been ignored for over 2 months. I'll try to get new version approved faster.

In the meantime, it can also be downloaded here:

over 4 years ago

Painter 2017 has different path for plugins than 2.6.1, this might be one reason, although I'm not sure what might've caused it to get stuck on saving. It might be lack of free space, although that would've been obvious to you.

If you need to stay on 2.6.1, you can add plugin manually
- download the .zip off this page
- copy everything from "files" folder into Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/plugins/autosave_tl
- open the settings.ini file in text editor and add this line:
autosaveManagerPath=Full path to autosave_manager.exe

The full path should look something like:
C:/Users/tlaik/Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/plugins/autosave_tl/autosave_manager.exe

It's important to use forward slashes /
instead of backward slashes \

over 4 years ago

Hi, i find this plugin super useful, although for some reason in the lastest project i've been working on the plugin is blocking Substance Painter (ver.2.6.1) and it doesnt recover anymore.
What happens is that it saves the scene correclty, but never manages to give me back control of the software, it's like it's saving forever, and ultimately i have to kill the process and restart it. Any idea what i could be?
Anyway i'm gonna install the latest version just hoping that it's gonna fix it...

about 4 years ago

Thanks man!! IT increases my laziness!! now i dont have to alwasys press Ctrl+S! so many times !HAHAHAAH!

over 3 years ago

Hello. I got SP2 and it seems to try to work. I have SP2 installed on D: and also resources and documents and all Windows10 user profile folder are on D:
So SP2 has this error:

[Scene 3D] 3D scene successfully loaded
[Plugins] Loading plugin autosave_tl
[Scene 3D] 3D scene successfully loaded
[Plugin - autosave_tl] Autosaving...
[Plugin - autosave_tl] Done.
[Plugin - autosave_tl] Copying into autosave backup number 2...
[Plugin - autosave_tl] Exception occured while calling autosave manager: Program '"C:/Users/user1/Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/plugins/autosave_tl/autosave_manager.exe" copy "D:/3DMODELLING/Modele 3D/WIPtest/test.spp" "D:/3DMODELLING/Modele 3D/WIP/LAZERMAN_santa/LAZERMAN_santa_autosave_2.spp"' failed to start

It looks like your script only looks on C:" for some files. Is there any possibility to be allowed to choose path?

over 2 years ago

Thank you very much!