Lets you create an array of coloured bands using various generator types and modes.

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almost 6 years ago

failed to import into unity 5

over 3 years ago

it's really cool but like... you can only add up to 30 stripes, why set the limit so low?

2 months ago

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A chronic, recurring illness called addiction is characterized by obsessive drug seeking and usage, even when doing so has negative effects. Because it includes functional abnormalities to brain circuitry related to reward, stress, and self-control, it is regarded as a brain condition. Long after a person has stopped using drugs, such effects could persist.

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societal pressure and curiosity. Teenagers are especially vulnerable in this regard since peer pressure may be quite intense. It is possible for substance use to start throughout the developmental stage of adolescence if risk factors, including the presence of drug-using friends, are present.

What's the issue if using medicines improves or makes individuals feel better?

Lights cascading down from above the stage and audience members raising their hands at a music festival.

People may experience what appear to be favorable benefits when they consume a medicine for the first time. They could also think they have control over their usage. But using drugs may drastically change a person's life. If drug usage persists over time, other enjoyable activities eventually become less enjoyable, and the individual has to use the drug just to feel "normal." Despite the fact that using drugs puts them and their loved ones in danger, they struggle to manage their addiction.

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Do users continue to choose to use drugs?

Usually, taking drugs is a free choice at first. However, regular usage can substantially weaken a person's capacity for self-control. Addiction is characterized by a loss of self-control. That's why drug addicts should take measures to avoid worse problems.

Studies on brain imaging in addicts reveal physical alterations in brain regions important for judgment, decision-making, learning and memory, and behavior control. The obsessive character of addiction is explained by these alterations.

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