Set Of Alpha Images for appying to your brushes for hard surface details.

Uploaded: about 7 years ago
Updated: almost 7 years ago
Version: 1
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Size: 28.3 KB


over 6 years ago

hi, what is this .image format?

over 6 years ago

I can't figure this out either. How do we get the alphas? Plus it says Zipper_Teeth. No idea how to use this.

over 6 years ago

Everyone having a problem take the .image files and place them in C:...Documents/SubstancePainter/Shelfs/Alphas
Then start up Substance Painter hope this helps :)

about 6 years ago

it does not work

over 5 years ago

NO its not working

about 5 years ago

What is a .image file? You have to upload just a .zip file with the .jpg or .tiff files included.

about 5 years ago

after I upload the files to this website it's out of my control as to what format they are. try dragging the files over your substance interface. if that doesn't work contact support on this website to get help

almost 5 years ago

OK so like everyone else the download is not helping me either. What I did was just click on the images shown in the preview pane on this website and save them to my desktop, then drag them into SP and save them to my shelf as alphas. Easy. Cheers.

over 3 years ago

uhhh.....its s a black and white image file right ?. then how can I use in normal map ??

almost 3 years ago

guys guys chill out this are the alphas the way u use it is to generate fake height information in substance or zbrush u use this file by selecting this file and rag and click into the alpha of brush section and then paint over ur model u will see a fake height map hs been generted so i hope this helps

about 2 years ago

Hi Rodesqa, thanks for the upload! It imports only a zipper alpha, others are not included. In order to be able to use others my suggestion is to open previews here and save them separately as png (default) then you can import them separately into SP and use as alphas. Thanks!

26 days ago

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