Creatively explore colors using different Color Systems (RGB, CMY, RYB) and Harmonies (Complementary, Analogous, Split Complementary, Triadic, Tetradic).

1. Pick a Color
Using one of three color systems, pick a color using the Hue and Mix controls, directly from the 2D view.

2. Choose a Color Harmony
Choose one of five different color harmonies to go with you base color and complete the color scheme.

3. See the Results
The colors making up you harmony will be output to a "gradient palette" that allows you to neatly preview the results. You can then quickly tweak and explore different settings/values. The colors making up your color scheme will also be output individually so they can easily be used in your graph directly.

Version 2 - 5/30/2018
• Added a 'Single Color' option in the 'Harmony' drop-down menu

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over 4 years ago

Superbe ! (je bossais sur un truc similaire, mais la tienne est 100x mieux !)
ce qui serait génial, c'est de pouvoir pluguer un input, et de l'offsetter en fonction des réglages de ta node.