Designer node that I work on in free time. It is a modification to warp and vector warp atomic nodes. Difference is that it offsets higher pixels with greater strength. My idea behind this is to give more believable deformation to details placed on curved surface. Like in thumbnail example were extruded blocks reflect bell shape of underlying surface and lean to the side of angled slopes.

Sadly warped shape loose a bit of precision so it is likely that it can destroy small details. I will try to work on this in future and hopefully I will find better way to approach this problem.

Here is a link to Artstation mage of explanation how to use node parameters:

Please let me know if you experience any problems with it or you would have any suggestions :)

ps. I hope everything works just fine. Its my 1st upload to substance share.

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over 4 years ago

Due to bug in sbsar workflow I uploaded version with absolute 16bit output for time being.

over 4 years ago

Super nice Konrad, thanks!

over 4 years ago

Node should be now working in 16 bit after latest update approval

about 1 year ago

As we know users find always some new updating because this match with with the system.

3 months ago

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