Simple Effect to wrap texture to sphere

v2, color and grayscale version in one file

v3, correction of grayscale graph

Uploaded: over 4 years ago
Updated: over 3 years ago
Version: 3
File Name: ToSphere.sbsar
Size: 77.7 KB


about 4 years ago

I find only color version.

about 4 years ago

Hi Anthony.
Thank you, but I did greyscale ver. from your color.
You do not have a working background opacity control for the color version.
In the Grayscale version, you hurried and took the background as an input node. It does not work as it should.
Check on your side the work of the grayscale version.
Thank you.

almost 4 years ago

Hi vadsura, thanks for your comment, I correct this soon as possible :)