Inspired by the works of Boris Okunskiy, I decided to make a generator that creates spiral patterns with golden angle distribution. This pattern appears frequently in nature such as in sunflower and cosmos seed head arrangement.

Tweakable parameters are similar to that of tile generator. (Pattern, Size, Rotation, Luminocity, etc.)

My first substance share. Huge shoutout to Boris Okunskiy for his work on Youtube. Hope everyone enjoys it!

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about 4 years ago

So glad my tutorial was actually useful ^^
Many thanks for publishing this asset, really appreciate your great work!
Just for the reference, here's a link to the tutorial:

about 4 years ago

Thank you Boris!!
Your tutorial was informative and very easy to understand.
I learned a great deal about the use of FX-map.
Sorry about forgetting to link your youtube tutorial though. =X

about 4 years ago

Thank you so mach for this great tutorial!
Have a question. Could you please explain how to scale down shapes at the end as well?

about 4 years ago

> Pavel K
Sorry about delayed reply.
Assuming you are talking about scaling output shapes of what is coming out of the generator, there is no built in functionality in the generator itself to do that. (kind of like how tile generator does not take care of scaling of output, only the input)
So if I want to scale the shape coming out, I'd use 'transform 2D' node plugged to the output of the generator.

One word of caution is that due to the nature of placement of these shapes in the generator, I don't think the output can be tiled. (Correct me if I'm wrong). So it'd be better to treat the output as individual shapes instead of tilable materials.