This node will take a base color decal such as a sticker, generate a mask for it and damage/rip/tear the edges to give a worn out look. In cases where the generated mask doesn't work you can plug in your own (Custom Shape Mask). There is also a "Detail Mask" input to add any extra wear and tear you want.

*PNG images with no background work best. Images with white areas can cause issues in auto generating a mask. If this happens please use your own "Custom Shape Mask"

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over 6 years ago

This looks incredibly useful. Thanks for sharing!

over 6 years ago

Should be applied asi filter or generator?

over 5 years ago

How do you apply it? A few instructions please.

over 3 years ago

This does look amazing. Would anyone be willing to help a noob out and give instructions on how to use this in substance painter. I haven't been able to figure it out for the life of me.

about 3 years ago

how do you get this working i'm currently trying to use it in substance painter 2018.3.1 and it's not working is there any help with it

about 3 years ago

Hi Thank you for your Generator. I've published a tutorial with use your Generator .

You can see here , How Create Dirty Edge in Substance Painter:

almost 2 years ago

I dont understand how to use at sp?

4 months ago

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