This shader includes:
- ACES tonemapper to match default UE4 and Unity tonemapping
- Switchable frontal light
- Switchable Sun & Sky system when using an environment map that doesn't already contains a bright sun (when exporting an environment map capture from a game engine).

Uploaded: over 3 years ago
Updated: over 3 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: pbr-metal-rough_aces.glsl
Size: 4.41 KB


over 3 years ago

Thank you, really appreciate all the hard work!

over 3 years ago

Jeremie, but that only applied to the pixels on the object, not to the whole scene as post-process. Is there a way to do it for the whole frame, including Environment map?

over 3 years ago

Not yet unfortunately but hopefully soon we'll have proper color management and tone mapping in the viewport.

over 3 years ago

Amazing, thanks so much!

over 2 years ago

Really helpful! Thanks!

3 days ago

It's looking great. Can I use this image on my website since I adore it? I hope you don't mind.

7 days ago

Its looking really cool. I am going to use it in the header of my website's page that is related to cloud print management.