Please read the following article and the contents carefully because the shader differs by version.
Please let me know if you have a version trouble.
버전별로 shader가 다르니 아래 문서와 내용을 잘 읽으세요.
버전 문제를 겪게 되면 제게 알려주세요.


This shader is a substance painter's shader that shows very similar rendering result to Unity Builtin Standard and LWRP.
The following table lists the SP versions tested for this shader.

Below is detail document URL.

english : https://nagnae.wordpress.com/2018/08/05/substance-painters-shader-for-unity/
한글 :https://nagnae.wordpress.com/2018/08/05/substance-painters-shader-for-unity-한글/
中文 : https://nagnae.wordpress.com/2018/08/05/substance-painters-shader-for-unity-中文/

[SP version problem]
The currently uploaded shader works well only in SP2018.2, and does not work with SP2018.3 or later.

The shader that works well in SP2018.3 or later has uploaded separately, and the URL that can be downloaded before the allegorithmic's verification passes is as follows.

* SP2018.1

* SP2018.2

* SP2018.3

This download URL is also in the above document.

Uploaded: about 4 years ago
Updated: over 3 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: Unity_SP2018.3.glsl
Size: 27.3 KB


almost 4 years ago

This seems doesn't work anymore on sp2018.3. Thanks for the great work!

over 3 years ago

I will verify 2018.3 this weekend. Thanks benny91.

over 3 years ago

I have fixed and uploaded the shader for sp2018.3
Until allegorithmic's verification is complete, you can get it from a seperate download url in the article above.

over 3 years ago

In SP 2018.3.2 I have 2 errors while i try change shader:
[ResourceShader] Unity_SP2018.3:670 | 6(670) : error C1102: incompatible type for parameter #1 ("s.252")
[ResourceShader] shader-skeleton.frag.glsl:47 | 0(47) : error C1102: incompatible type for parameter #1 ("s.252")

over 3 years ago

Hoping for an update as well. Thanks for your hard work in making this!

over 3 years ago

Sorry for late replying. I will fix this problem soon this problem.
SP shader changes too often. :

over 3 years ago

@Snaki94, I have the same error, looking forward to an update in order to try this shader!

over 3 years ago

Unfortunatly "Unity_SP2018.3.glsl" does not work on SP2018.3.3. Hope you can fix it. Love that shader :)

over 3 years ago

PS: The Errormassages are:
[ResourceShader] shader-skeleton.frag.glsl:47 | 0(47) : error C1102: incompatible type for parameter #1 ("s.252")

[ResourceShader] Unity_SP2018.3:669 | 6(669) : error C1102: incompatible type for parameter #1 ("s.252")

almost 3 years ago

[ResourceShader] Unity_SP2018.3:669 | 6(669) : error C1102: incompatible type for parameter #1 ("s.254")
[ResourceShader] shader-skeleton.frag.glsl:49 | 0(49) : error C1102: incompatible type for parameter #1 ("s.254")?

over 2 years ago

Hi ! Love this idea. Is it possible for you to make a SP shader for Unity's HDRP ??

about 1 year ago

working with actual version?

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2 months ago

is this really a good update i will try to fix it, run 3 game