Updated Spec/gloss shader with Alpha-test (not alpha-blending). Inspired by Jyxaw work although he did not update his v2.x shader. Just import it. Tested on Substance Painter 2018.2.3

Uploaded: over 3 years ago
Updated: over 3 years ago
Version: 1
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over 3 years ago

hey man there is a major bug with it :(

- whole model cannot load colors
- alpha is not working properly ( if you take opacity anything above 0.5 has no transparency and below that is at 100% transparency

over 3 years ago

@Piotr Janiszewski 0
1. about the color bug. Are you sure you are running v2018.x.x. and this shader? Cause this bug usually reveals itself when using a not proper version of either Painter or shader. But I'll look into, although I did not meet such bug :(
2. About alpha. You are describing "alpha-blending" mode. This shader is "alpha-test", so it is either on with 100% or off with 0%.

I've tried, but it did not really work as it should have been, and I did not figure out the reason why. I'll look into this again, but I'm not promising anything :(

over 3 years ago

Would you plz make another one but with alpha blending?

about 3 years ago

Hi, Thanks for this. Is there any chance for an Alpha Blending version? There is an older blend shader by someone esle and they point to this one to use for 2018, but this is Alpha test only... :-( Thanks

about 1 year ago

Very cool!

5 months ago

Same with the other PBR Spec/Gloss shader, it doesn't work with 2021.1.1 build 954. If you know any solution please let me know