This tool allows you to measure the distance between 2 points of the input node and display it in the specified unit.

Substance Designer Supported Versions: 2018.1.1 and above

Unzip the archive in a folder, possibly under a path that is declared in the settings of your Substance Designer current project in order to call the tool from the library or the node quick menu.

- Instantiate the node WkRuler from the Library Panel, from the node quick menu or by drag and drop of the .sbs file from an Explorer.
- Plug the image on which you want to make some measurements into the input of the node.
- Select the WkRuler node, double-click on it to get its content as well as its gizmos in the 2DView.
- Pick the gizmos and place them wherever you need. The distance between them is then always displayed on the ruler.

- Change the Units to see the distances in range units or in pixels.
- You can chain WkRuler nodes to display several rulers on the same image.
- Since WkRuler node is based on a .SBS and not a .SBSAR you can create some nested presets on it to easilly reload your prefered settings.

Documentation and more about the other tools of WkMeasureTools package:

Get WkMeasureTool full package here:

This node is based on WkFunctionDrawer, a rich UI and tools dedicated library for Substance Designer - currently in development - by Werwack:

Version history:
- V1.25: (30/01/2019)
Changed package file formart from .sbs to .sbsar

- V 1.2 : (22/12/2018)
- Fixed bug after changes in the Shapes library and in Number node
- Fixed the thickness of the lines that was too thin after internal changes

- V 1.1: (13/11/2018)
- Added global size parameter

- V1.01: (25/09/2018)
Base version

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Updated: over 3 years ago
Version: 3
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