Draws a open or closed spline using up to 16 user specified vectors. The splines appearance can be customized in a variety of ways from simple scaling to custom pattern inputs drawn in a specific arrangement.


Up to 16 editable vector points. A slider allows unneeded points to become hidden.
Open or close spline.
Points can be distributed sparingly or densely to form a solid line.
Curves can be tightened with optional 'Tension' sliders to form sharp angles.
Points can be scaled to a desired size and can be made to bulge outward to create varying girth.
Up to 4 inputs + 2 end inputs can be used to customise the splines appearance.
Order arrangement of inputs can be changed.
A opacity gradient can be applied to gradually darken the spline from end-to-end.

Known bugs/problems:-

When the spline is closed a seam will form between the first and last pattern where the spacing will be variable. This is unavoidable and a consequence of calculating even spacing.

If multiple pattern inputs are used then points may intermittently revert to using 'Pattern 1' when changing parameter values.

Points may appear to twitch undesirably when calculating spacing on paths with tight turns. Increasing the Scale value can help decrease the problem.

All 16 vector positions will be visible even when less are used. There is no way to hide the editable circles points on unused vectors.

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Updated: almost 4 years ago
Version: 1
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over 3 years ago

this is great :) thank you a lot. would there be a tutorial on this? this kind of knowledge really opens up a whole new world of possibilities

over 2 years ago

ver. 2019.3 don't work

over 2 years ago

Amazing tool, thank you so much!

about 18 hours ago

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