All built with the pixel processor

This tool will light a normal map . Useful for masking areas based on the normal direction to add other material layers like dust or moss.
Use of the pixel processor means that kz_light_Normal differs from the built in 'light' node:
4 times faster to calculate
Easier to use ... the sbs version gives you a position icon on the texture to place the light source
Probably more accurate ( if that's important )
Because of the built in levels control you get sharper edges for masking out of the box
For even sharper results you can increase the power of the Normal first using kz_increase_Normal

kz_increase_Normal: Amplify or reduce the shading effect of the normal map.

These nodes have built in equivalents in SD 2018.2
kz_flip_normal_map: Converts OpenGL to DX and DX to OpenGL.
kz_NormaliseColor: Use this to repair the normal colour after any blends or other operations.
kz_rotateNormalColour: rotate the normal map texture while preserving the normal direction.
kz_normal_map_transform: This Tool helps you transform, rotate and shear existing materials without trashing the normal map.

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