A simply symmetry / reflection utility that mirrors across horizontal, vertical and diagonal axes

Version 2.0: 16-bit, build 5.3.0

Uploaded: almost 7 years ago
Updated: over 6 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: symmetry-gray.sbsar
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over 6 years ago

Hey, this works nicely in Substance Painter too when doing things like stripmaps or tiling textures. I was wondering if you could add a control to offset the actual center of the effect? ( x & y offsets that move the symmetry axis to a different part of the image)

over 6 years ago

Hi Sami, the current XY offset control works by pre-offseting your input before the mirroring happens. Since the mirroring is always across the middle of the image, this effectively moves the mirror plane around the image (but you'll always SEE it in centered). If I'm understanding what you are asking for, would a second, post mirror XY offset achieve what you are looking for? This would be the same as adding a Transform node to the output

over 6 years ago

I tried adding an offset after the symmetry effect in Painter. I can get the effect I want with this after a lot of tweaking the values in both of these effects. ... but the the thing is, in Painter you want to be able to paint and see the effect in realtime. With the setup I mentioned it's really difficult to line up the effects exactly right so that when I paint on the mask my strokes would end up on the right spot. If I don't get these offsets lined up perfectly then when I paint the stroke appears offset from the cursor. It would save a lot of hassle in Painter if it was possible to set the center of the symmetry so that the half/quadrant that is going to be painted on would remain exactly where it is before any offsets.

Here's an example: I'm painting a panel that is located in the upper left part of the mask texture (not on center axis of the image). I want the panel to be symmetrical on x & y axis. I'll add your symmetry effect to the mask, select mode X Y and then move the symmetry center to the center of the panel. Then I'll continue to paint details to the quadrant of the panel which is the original and see the paint mirrored in realtime! Obviously it's nice if the effect performance is pretty good so that it's possible to paint and see the effects in realtime. :)

I shoud say your symmetry effect is already a lifesaver! The symmetry in Substance Painter is a bit crap. It's centered on the object bounding box, it's not possible to offset it, and it works only on one axis at a time. :/ So, big thanks already at this point!

over 4 years ago

can i just miror texture? not from center

over 4 years ago

Beautiful! Thank you.

24 days ago

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4 months ago

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