**READ_ME.txt contains instructions onnhow to use Shader Hater**

**This only works with the naming convention provided in the default Arnold 5 export preset in Substance Painter**

This script creates Arnold and Redshift shaders in Maya with selected texture maps exported from Substance Painter.

You may select by directory or by individual file. If you chose to select by directory, the texture maps for each material you want to create must be in their own folder.

This script works with the following:
- Height/Displacement

This script basically changes all color space settings mentioned in this documentation: https://support.allegorithmic.com/documentation/integrations/arnold-5-for-maya-157352171.html


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over 3 years ago

Dis is great! I love this! It sure has helped a whole lot. Thanks Gianmarco I mean gparente

over 2 years ago

I got this to work once for 1 material, file names/folder are setup correctly using Maya 2018. any suggestions?

over 2 years ago

seems to be issue with udim checkbox-only works when unselected