This is a general layer of leaves texture. The texture has a height pattern equal to the pattern. Its great for mass amount of leaves or what not.

Uploaded: over 3 years ago
Updated: over 3 years ago
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over 3 years ago

You should be able to download the file and then click import resources. You might have to select which area you want to install it. Other than that I am not sure what else could be wrong. The file was uploaded from substance painter directly so it might be a issue with the program. Not sure what else to tell ya, sorry. I do know that this file has been downloaded 73 times since its uploaded and your the first to report the problem.

but I have a problem, Subtsnace can't ımport thıs material. ,what ı have to do?

about 3 years ago

Yeah Substance can not import this

over 3 years ago

The material has the extension (spsm), which means it is a one Smart material. You need to install it at the following address;
C: \ Users \ Username \ Documents \ Allegorithmic \ Substance Painter \ shelf \ smart-materials

about 3 years ago

Nice! Thank you!

over 2 years ago

Don't work, "Invalid Preset"

about 2 years ago

Don't work, i can't import this material

almost 2 years ago

Additionally, make sure you unzip the file first!

Отлично установился и работает из папки смарт-материалы. Спасибо