Hair substance for generating hair textures for Unreal Engine's hair shader model and for use with Hair Cards (many small hair meshes joined together and laid all over the scalp) . The UE4 material I used with the textures this generates is available for free in the Content Examples asset, Character Rendering map. These textures can probably also be used for any game engine.

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how to use ???

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Then you make a material instance in UE4, open the instance and change the textures in there to the ones from this Substance. Then you apply the material instance to your hair cards. A hair card is typically a rectangular mesh with about 20 vertices. You UV unwrap it then you place multiple hair cards all over your scalp, probably about 100 will be enough, bending them slightly or greatly depending on the hair style. Then you merge all hair cards into a single object and export it as FBX. Then import the FBX into UE4. Then apply the material instance to the mesh. Then pat yourself on the back.

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To use with UE4's hair material inside the UE4 Content Examples free content, you only need the hair_generator_root_and_alpha.png and the hair_generator_unique_values.png from this Substance. To export them to 2 files you open the SBS in SD then right click the HairGenerator node in the Explorer pane on the left hand side and select Export Outputs as Bitmaps. Or you could right-click on Hair Texturing node and Publish an SBSAR File which you can open directly inside UE4 but I haven't tried that yet.

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Or you can use the default pngs above.

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More info on how to use it is here:

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Is this any good, people?

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