Keep in mind, this material does not tile and is not procedural!

Tree rings to put on the sides of planks for that extra little detail. This is the first texture I ever made so don't be too harsh :P

Is a full PBR material.

I edited a creative commons picture I found online in Photoshop to get rid of the cracks in the wood. After that I just dropped it into Substance Alchemist (Bitmap 2 Material).

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Updated: about 2 years ago
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File Name: Plank_sides.sbsar
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about 3 years ago

Ah! Yes! I don't know which way it's intended, but if placed properly this could be exactly what I need for an old project I was working on a while back! Drove me crazy trying to find something for the ends of wood planks (via stock images). Thanks!!!

about 3 years ago

Wow, looks great!

about 3 years ago

Thank you very much, that warms my heart. Giving it a 5 star rating would be appreciated too :] It's actually very easy to make these things with Substance Alchemist, it's currently a free Beta

almost 3 years ago


over 2 years ago

Thanks for the Material

over 2 years ago

Thank you very much!