Have you ever drawn a map on some paper? In case you never have done it, let me tell you that it can be a real pain. It's especially a pain when the content of the map doesn't matter, but you still want it to look like a real map.
This Substance Material is a quick & easy way to setup a randomly generated map

• The Map is generated based on a seed number. Don't like the map, change the seed and check what kind of random results you'll get.
• Seamless map border. You can tile the map as many time as you want, if you need it for some reason.
• You decide the paper's color, the ink color and have an optional color for the islands' surface's color.
• The optional islands' surface color can be blurred or not. (If you want it to look like watered down ink, it's there.)
• Optional drawn coast-lines. If you want it to look like one of those 1700's explorer's maps.
• While they don't look that good, for the sake of it being there, I added the option to add paper fold onto the map surface.
• A single float controls the map's dirtiness. Again, while it's not a top-notch dirt, it's there.

Outputs :
The material includes 4 conventional PRB (Metallic) Outputs.

Its also has 2 additional outputs for those who might need to access the Island's map data :
• The islands' mask ID string is "IslandMask".
An example of use for the Islands' Mask would be if you wanted to use the texture for some holographic projection and want the islands or the water to be transparent. In such case, you only have to feed the Islands Mask into the Opacity.

• The height map ID string generated based on the generated map is called "IslandHeightMap"
An example of use for the Islands Height Map would be if you want to generate a terrain based on the generated map. The Height map is a grayscale map where black is the lowest and white is the highest point.

Uploaded: about 3 years ago
Updated: almost 3 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: ProceduralOldMap.sbsar
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