Procedural sky sphere :D

Its best used with games and uses a range of outputs including:
Base Colour, Normal, Metalic, Roughness, Height, Emisive, Ambient Occlusion and a mask of the clouds
I don’t recommend using the metallic or height outputs as it is the sky but there required for the contest ;-)
This comes with a mesh which is a Sky sphere :D so you can use it or just test out the material :D (It works well in substance player)

If you use it all i ask is that you tell me where you use it :D

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over 6 years ago

You should really move this to the nature or fantasy category. It's not really sci-fi. I think its pretty cool though :)

over 6 years ago

Really good idea

over 6 years ago

Umm... I see no "included sphere" in the zip?

about 3 years ago

i cant wait to test this at home , exactly what ive been looking for to use in UE4

about 2 years ago

Can Substance Export a cubemap of this? for Unreal 4 for instance?