This shader is made for Source Engine game model.
It work same as Source Engine mostly .
I had tested it on game like CSGO , Insurgency ,SFM(:D)
helping to make custom model or mod easily!

This is a complex shader which can use all the same command as vmt file.

how to use :
1.put files into *\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\shelf
2.startboot Substance Painter template : "Source Phong (shelf)"

if you find bugs , you can tell in Steam :
MineClever, aka Bandit 悍匪

note: CS:GO Mode will change some shader behavior to newer version Source Engine (mostly known as CSGO)

note:If you switch CSGO mode off,Shader will work like SourceSDK 2013

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over 1 year ago

Thats nice !
If only there was a Skyrim Nif shader support also.

over 1 year ago

@Ramigo 0 . I will make one,if I kown most detail about how SkyrimNif shader work

over 1 year ago

Your profile is set to private on steam, so it is rather hard to contact you. This is some great work though and extremely helpful, but do have some questions that I hope you can answer.

Great work!

over 1 year ago

Amazing Sir!

over 1 year ago

@Frying Dutchman
I have changed that

about 1 year ago

Seems to give a compiler error on 2021

about 1 year ago

What version of substance i need to use for this
it gives me error of new data

4 months ago

I loved this work men im highly thinking about using it in my radio as a the of myproject please can you text me about this propposal and very excited to hear about you and discuss about this because i found this amazing piece of art and i want to share your world with all my listeners!

4 months ago

Amazing work! You can check more here