Edit: re-upload because v2 seems to have been missed by review (it's been pending for 2+ months)

A node for Designer which counts the number of pixels of a given color within a certain margin of error.
Target color is rounded towards the nearest true value in whatever bitdepth is used.


Version 1:
- Quite performance heavy
- max working resolution of 4096x4096
- possibly still interesting for learning purposes

Version 2: ---(Awaiting approval)---
I realized there is a much more efficient way of doing this. Which also
happens to be a lot simpler.
- Different method
- Fast performance
- No max resolution

Contains .sbs files for both versions.
Requires SD 11.1.1 or newer

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Updated: over 1 year ago
Version: 1
File Name: Pixel_Counter.sbs
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over 1 year ago

thank you so much! very useful! https://geometrydash-free.com/

about 1 year ago

So interesting with this solver. Loved it. Thanks for share.
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