A basic concrete tile generator with a selection of different controls. You can adjust tile size (sepearte from regular tiling), tile tilt, tile height, crack influence, moss growth, and a few others.

Uploaded: almost 7 years ago
Updated: over 6 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: Concrete_Tile_Basic.zip
Size: 12.6 KB


about 6 years ago

One of my favorite tile setups. Hope there's more similar to this with more options.

over 5 years ago

ooo yaaa --- this will find a nice place in an mmo- i'll be back if i end up using it.

almost 3 years ago

where are the textures ?

9 months ago

Thanks a lot for sharing the workflow. Too bad though (as I'm browsing your nodes) that the color is based on a checker that has norelation with the generated tiles. I mean that if we change the tiles size or amount, then the colored squares don't correspond anymore. Not sure I know enough of SubDesigner to optimize that yet. But I'm gonna give it a try. template For tiles it's way better when modyfying one output makes everything else fit perfectly right :

6 months ago

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