Slate tiles for modern / fantasy settings - 5.3.2 indie

Uploaded: almost 7 years ago
Updated: over 6 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: Slate_tiles_2015_11_12_10-2...
Size: 17.5 KB


about 6 years ago

FFS this sh*t freezes my pc every time i launch substance. thanks.

almost 5 years ago

Yes this is really not working.

over 4 years ago

Kills computer. Computer get mad, computer crash.

over 4 years ago

Really sorry guys: I did this for a competition nearly 2 years ago. If I can't fix it - I'll delete it

over 4 years ago

Me too, I had to delete it. I'm sorry you gonna have to re-work on this material.

over 4 years ago

Corrupt file!!

about 4 years ago

delete this.

about 4 years ago

KILL Computer

almost 4 years ago

yes it freeze sunstance painter!!!

over 3 years ago

Very good job

over 3 years ago

Kill my computer

over 3 years ago

Its making my app crash

over 3 years ago

effing trash, makes substance crash, delete this already

over 1 year ago

Delete this!! Everyone told you this before but it crashes Substance, how many damn comments do you need to remove your crap??

about 1 year ago

Se cierra el programa al añadir la textura a un elemento

5 months ago

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5 months ago

Freezes Substance ancd Pc