You can generate more than 60 different manhole cover.
100% Procedural (except text) and fully customizable.
Change the shape, color, damage, text, roughness, and more ...
Added option to hide the plate
Making only the manhole with opacity
Concrete inside the plate
7 differents shapes for the interior plate
4 differents shapes for the plate
3 differents forms for the center of the plate
4 differents texts
Control the depth of the plate
And more...

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Updated: over 6 years ago
Version: 4
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almost 7 years ago

Very complete material, I like it. Maybe water and gravel was useless and a boolean for opacity mask can be a good idea ;)

almost 7 years ago

Thank polux1.01 :) I will add the option for opacity.

almost 6 years ago

It's a great material but it is too large for my meshes, is there a way to scale the manhole?

almost 6 years ago

The manhole isn't in the center of my cyclinder. And how do you get the normals/height to be so profound? Mine seem almost flat. I'm using Painter 2.2.

over 5 years ago


over 5 years ago


over 4 years ago

Thank you!^^

about 3 years ago

Love it

almost 3 years ago

The most amazing material I never knew I needed. Thank you very much for sharing!

almost 2 years ago

Great material!
But there is a small guide to see you to use it?