Sends input to one or the other output, acts as a switch.
the null (off) output is sent what is chosen in the "Null Output Is" variable.

basically instead of the default Switch that
picks either Input1 or 2 and sends to one output,
this takes one Input and sends it to Output1 or 2.

the output that is Off is sent a blank image(alpha, white, or black)
or an optional Input 2

Exposed Vars:
OutSwitch T or F -
True - sends input to output 1,
False - sends input to output 2.

Null Output Is 1,2,3,4 -
1 - Alpha (16x16)
2 - Input 2 (Relative to Parent)
3 - Black (16x16)
4 - White (16x16)

+ Updated to include OuputSwitch Grayscale, MultiOutputSwitch and MultiOutputSwitch Grayscale

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about 6 years ago

The game engine ignores the node that is not connected?

about 6 years ago

@romularq , not sure, i made this mainly to use with the variables you can input, and for my use i connect all the connections, its to choose to send the input to the out A's image or to out B's image
i used this node in this material here:
been awhile since i made these, i think i used it to send rocks or not send rocks to the next step of the process

about 6 years ago

.. i mean, i personally have only used this in Substance Player, to create output .jpeg or .png image files from a Substance file that has many configurable variables/ options

about 6 years ago

OOH i used it to have the option to place rocks above grass, or below grass
the input image either goes to image A or image B

the default switch node in S.D. takes image A or image B and sends it to next step in the process,
this takes 1 image and sends it to step A or step B

4 months ago

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3 months ago

Exactly what I needed. This is one of those that should be included with Substance.