Stylized Cracked Soil

You could change size and variation of the soil.
Modify the cracks and surface details.
and of course the color.

sbs and sbsar is included in 7z file

Uploaded: almost 7 years ago
Updated: almost 7 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: Stylized_Soil.7z
Size: 13.3 KB


over 6 years ago

very nice. Tweaking it a bit for realtime generation on mobile.

over 5 years ago

now that's col

over 3 years ago

Thanks for the texture

over 2 years ago

It's real awesome. thanks

4 months ago

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9 months ago

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7 months ago

Awesome! Learned alot thanks so much keep posting more.
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about 1 month ago

nice work