5 Soft skin patterns + 11 hard skin patterns + 11 Tiles, all of them hand-made, combinable and colorizable + 2 extra colors (freckle and pigment - grunge patterns or generator) and if someone needs: veins (4 types, color, combine, scale etc). Roughness and emissive are selection based.
Tons of customizations to create skins from human through animals, dragons to aliens, even furniture, clothing etc. Everything scalable for your model size and all grouped into nice menu.

In default state is everything disabled.

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Updated: over 6 years ago
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over 4 years ago

I've been trying for hrs to install the substances that I downloaded last night but I guess I'm putting them in the wronge folder under the shelf root folder. Which one am I supposed to put this generator into? Please help. I'm really dying to use thiss skin generator. Thx

almost 4 years ago

just put under Allegorithmic>substance painter>shelf>generator for the sbsar file

13 days ago

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4 months ago

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