NOTE: I am resubmitting this because the previous version was bugged on this site and would not update correctly.

Here is my entry for the Substance Designer Procedural Materials Contest for the Urban category. Everything here, save for some small bitmaps that were used for scatter Japanese Yen coins, is 100% procedural.

It was a lot of fun to make! I hope Allegorithmic can provide the community with more contests soon! Huge shoutouts to the great Susbtance Designer community who I have learn a lot from over the past several months.

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almost 7 years ago

Very nice! Perhaps some of the cigarettes are a bit too large, but i love the detail you put in :D.

almost 7 years ago

Thanks Käy! It's my first attempt, so I know there's a lot of room to improve!

almost 5 years ago

Nobody commented on this in almost two years? That's crazy. Let me tell you guys, I'm currently in SouthEast Asia and these lines are on every sidewalk. I've seen them in Tokyo, Mainland China and Vietnam and that's just the places I've traveled personally. I've been told that these lines are made for blind people, but you will routinely see telephone poles and such in the middle of the sidewalks, so I'd imagine these lines aren't too helpful for the blind.

about 4 years ago

Can it be used commercially?

almost 4 years ago

Very good job

over 3 years ago